Made of the finest quality faux fur, following strict standards of workmanship and materials, the minimink baby blanket is a popular baby gift ­– our most popular, in fact. Over the years we’ve sold many of these items and the response has been incredible.

In fact, everything started with the baby blanket. minimink began back in 2002, when owner and founder Ally Schulz was expecting baby number two. With a Melbourne winter approaching, she wanted something beautiful, warm and cuddle-worthy to wrap her baby in.

Thus the birth of baby Emery also saw the arrival of the first minimink product the following year – a luxurious golden honey rug/wrap/throw that got everybody talking about it (and touching it!). All these years later it is still our best selling item.

One blogger wrote that the baby blanket was “gorgeous faux fur” and says “my girls both melted with theirs and the first thing they did was cuddled it into their face with a big smile!”

Another described their baby as being “in the lap of Minimink luxury.” And: “I highly recommend them for babies if you are looking for a super soft, comfy base for your baby to lie on.”

We’ve had much more positive feedback over the years – too many comments and emails to count! It might sound like a cliché when somebody says “the original and the best.” But hey, in this case it’s absolutely true.

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