This year, minimink is doing something different and something special. We are collaborating with a great Australian charity, EndoActive, and giving them donations sourced from a range of a range of EndoActive specials.

If you order any of the three packs on offer – all with our beautiful high-quality faux fur, at affordable prices – we will donate 10% of the price to EndoActive.

The Endo team do immensely valuable work spreading awareness and advocacy about Endometriosis, which affects one in ten women. It is a cause everybody should get behind.

We have three different EndoActive packs. Here’s a quick guide to them:

EndoActive Special Gift Pack
Includes everything to keep a loved one warm and snuggly: one of our beautiful blankets, one of our beautiful cushions and one of our beautiful hot water bottle covers.

EndoActive Special Blanket and Hot Water Bottle Cover Set
A wonderful gift for a person of any age – from teenagers to young adults and seniors. Includes one of our luxurious blankets and one of our hot water bottle covers.

EndoActive Special Cushion Set
A set of our luxurious faux fur cushions, which are selling at an amazing price. There are three different colours (cherry read, milk and honey). You’re welcome to all of one colour, or you might like to mix it up.