Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload!

We all know that if you have a dog or a cat they should have a pet blanket. Perhaps they’ve even taken over one of yours.

We also know dogs and cats don’t exactly wipe their paws before jumping on them, so your pet’s blanket might need an upgrade.

Ours last a long time – even when laid on with dirty paws – because they are made with the highest quality faux fur materials. They consist of minimink’s famous faux fur and are lined with cotton (machine washable and tumble dry).

Some pet blankets are eyesores, but ours look beautiful. Like humans, pets like blankets that are warm and snugly, so you won’t have trouble getting them to lay down on them (you’re more likely to have trouble getting them off!).

Now for that cuteness overload.

Have a look at how gorgeous our little Maisie is. She had no problem lying on lots of different blankets for our photo shoot.

Take a look at the large minimink pet blanket