Over the years we’ve been delighted to provide high quality and extremely comfortable products for babies and toddlers. Probably the most rewarding thing about our business has been receiving all the amazing feedback we’ve had from parents, as well as noticing the smiling faces of their children.

If you are looking for a luxury faux fur product for your baby or toddler – or a present to give a friend or relative – we have a number available. Here are some of our favourites.

Russian style hat

If we had to choose one word, it would be “adorable.” It is for this reason, we think, that our little Russian style hats are one of our most popular products.

They are available in different colours to suit both boys and girls. They are also available in different sizes for different ages: XS (newborn to 5 months), 0-1 (5 months to 1 year) and 1-2 years.


Our mink mitts are cute little things joined together by a string, so you won’t encounter the issue of losing one and madly trying to find it before leaving the house!

We’ve got sizes suitable for any baby or toddler from approximately three months old to two and a half years. They come in three colours (chocolate, honey and milk).

Right now we are offering them at half price: only $5 for a pair!


Important for keeping those little feet warm! Our bootees don’t have grips, as they are for pre-walkers (up to 6 months old). As you can see they are also perfect for photographs!

Pram papoose

We started making our 100% cotton pram papoose following requests from customers who wanted a shaped papoose that could be used in prams when their babies starting using pram harness straps. They last a long time and feel beautiful to touch.


Yes, we make teddy bears! They are soft, adorable, about 25 cm high and extremely cuddly.

Baby blanket

As we explained in this blog post  still the original and the best!