29 July 2015, from Angela: Hello, I think it’s about time I confess my love affair with minimink products! It became clear today when I considered buying another blanket, which claimed to be soft and mink etc, but my biggest test that I put all blankets to is to rub it on my clothes, grab it between my fingers and see if the fluff and fibre comes off. Of course with every other material, the answer is always “yes”. Warnings on blankets to wash before use or shake outside, then wash, make my skin crawl from the thought of allergies, but with all of yours they are ready to use from the minute you get them home, they never lose that soft, furry feel (even after a wash) and never leave fluff or attract it. We have about 8 of your products, double sided blankets, throw rugs, water bottle covers, etc, and living in Orange NSW they are put to the test by all of us…even the old cattledog who eyes anything soft to ease his sore joints.
Congratulations on creating a gorgeous product that exceeds expectations and keeps us super warm and snug. ____________ April 2015, from S in Melbourne. “The blanket arrived on Friday in time for Christening and was used happily on the weekend – Abbey was thrilled with it – thank you so much. The products are beautiful and a joy to give and receive.” ____________ March 2015, from M in USA “This large blanket is for my 5 year old grandson. He’s had the smaller one since he was born and he loves it and drags it around everywhere. Sleeps with it every night. He mentioned the other day that his feet and legs stick out the end of it so he’s getting cold at night. I’m going to surprise him with the bigger one for his bed. He will never give up the original “blankie” but since he insists on only this blankie for covering when he sleeps I wanted to get the bigger one. This product is the best! I bought the grey one for his younger brother and we seem to be on the same path as his big brother.” ____________ February 2015, from Lydia I received a blanket when my son was born , it was the best present ever. I want to keep on buying them for my friends who are expecting. ____________