Product Care

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The faux fur used in the (minimink)® range is 100% synthetic. As it is of a very high quality and has a beautiful softness we often get asked if it is real!.

We manufacture the faux fur for each production to ensure it is a consistent high quality.

All fabric (ie lining for blankets, accessories and cord used on hats and mitts) used in the (minimink)® range is 100% cotton. The rugs and blankets are lined with 100% cotton and the maximink, pram papoose and liner with a 100% cotton fabric that is strong to cope with wear and tear. All fabric used in the accessories – both inside and outside – is 100% cotton.

Washing Instructions

The (minimink)® faux fur products are very easy to care for, despite their luxurious quality.

(minimink)® rugs and blankets – warm (not hot) gentle machine wash; mild hand wash; or drycleanable. We recommend using a standard detergent with no fabric softener added.

We believe the products maintain their softness if they are put into the tumble dryer on low for 20-30 minutes straight from the washing machine.  Although we have “no tumble dry”on the care label this is due to the fact that we cannot monitor the different heat levels and times people may put it in for.

(minimink)® accessories – mild hand wash; or drycleanable.

We are constantly washing our own blankets to ensure that we can keep an eye on their washability.  We wash ours separately to other products, use a standard detergent and put them in the tumble dryer straight from the machine.




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